Cluster analysis in MetaTrader 5

YuClustersTrade is professional trading and analytical program for the MetaTrader 5 terminal.
Traders using MT5 have new unique opportunities to analyze the flow of orders, trading volumes, price movements using various charts, profiles, indicators, graphical objects.
YuClustersTrade operates with data based on Time&Sales or tick information, depending on what is available in the quotes of a financial instrument.



• time interval
• price range
• delta
• volume
• number of ticks (trades)
• trades type
• price reversal
• range from Open


• Delta
• Delta %
• Delta and BID+ASK
• Delta% and BID+ASK
• BID х ASK, Delta ground


• by time
• by price
• by price step
• manual and automatic


• maximum value
• imbalance
• divergence
• ratio
• fractals
+ various filters


• all clusters
• days
• trading sessions
• a certain number of clusters
• any selected area


• Volume and Delta
• Cumulative delta
• Moving average
• Big Trades
+ 10 more indicators
+ filters and alerts for indicators


• horizontal line
• trend lines
• Fibonacci lines
• rectangles
• text labels
+ alerts

Trading sessions

• unlimited quantity
• synchronization of profiles and indicators

Tick chart

• lines ASK, BID, last price
• trades filter
• volume histogram

Depth of Market

• cumulative volume
• filters
• alerts


• in clusters
• in indicators
• in Depth of Market
• in graphic objects


• trading panel
• trading from the chart
• take profit and stop loss
• take profit with a limit order
• breakeven and trailing stop.
• trades on the chart

Frequently asked questions

YuClustersTrade does not copy or store users' personal data. The interaction of the program with the user is based on the hash sum of personal data available in MT5. This is digital code and it is impossible to recover personal data from it.
When registering the program, only the Telegram chat ID is taken into account, which is necessary for accurate user identification. Program registration is not required.
An alternative to using YuClustersTrade can be YuClusters in conjunction with IShift Lite, which are distributed on the MQL5 market.
Demo versions of these programs can be downloaded from here.

YuClustersTrade works on demo accounts without limitations.
There are limitations when using on real accounts:
• one chart;
• short working time;
• settings are not saved.

Currently, there is no complete documentation.
The intuitive interface and built-in help make it quick to learn and easy to use. In the settings and alerts windows, tooltips are available for some non-obvious parameters.
YuClustersTrade is designed for cluster analysis of trading volumes and assumes that the trader is familiar with cluster analysis. And if a trader is not familiar, then it is very easy to get sufficient knowledge from the Internet by typing the following phrase in the search: cluster analysis in trading, order flow analysis, etc.

Registering YuClustersTrade is linking the program to unique user ID in Telegram. After registration, the user will have access to additional features:
• checking the license key;
• replacement of the license key, in case of changing the credentials in MT5, for example, switching to another broker;
• automatic connection of other YuClustersTrade within the same computer to valid license;
• sending alerts and screenshots to Telegram (this will be implemented later).

General questions and discussion in the Telegram chat.
For private questions and suggestions, please write to Telegram @yukulikov.

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